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Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto (2012)

I know this is completely out of date, but bare with me. I only listened the Mylo Xyloto (2012) slightly more than a month ago and even thought the time has passed for me to write something based on a fresh idea, I simply could not just let this one slide.

Since it's release, a lot has been said about Coldplay's latest album. That is too pop, that the British band have drifted away from "their genre", that they have become excessively commercial and - most shockingly - that they have lost what gave their music a "quality stamp", meaning, they lost their edge... they are no longer good.

Well my friends, I beg to differ. I will agree with a few comments...
Yes, in this album their went with a bigger pop approach, making their sound very commercial, however, that's not to say they have made bad music just because Chris Martin and company decided to go with a different route. For some, change can be bad, while for others it can be good... It's exciting to see a group coming together year upon year, trying different elements and melodies. That means they are trying to evolve, to progress... all this leaving their comfort zone. It's easy to get labelled with a specific kind of sound and then - for good or bad - stick with it. Chances are, if you were successful in your first try, you will attract the same audience the next. But I say, to still have success while going for something different... that's the real challenge. I have to admit, sometimes - maybe even most time - I'm not a big fan of big changes. Look what happened to Bloc Party. Their third album even went as far to sound like it was made by another band. Why? Why would they change their tune - which was mostly indie rock - into something more twisted and electronic? In this case, maybe if "it ain't broke, then don't try to fix it".  But then again, if we just settle with what is safe, will we ever see progress? Not just talking about the bands themselves, but the audience itself. 

We could go on and on to talk about this... loads of pros and cons, but the point I was trying to make here is that Coldplay went out of their way to do something different - regardless if they were looking for a change of settings or just to make more money - and it came out good. I myself have given up on pop melodies a long time ago, but every so often, something comes up with the power to lure me into their world. Coldplay achieved just that with another great album.

That's my take...
... for what it's worth!

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